About Us

LIFESTATIX are "bringing fans closer to their heroes". 

LIFESTATIX graphics are an exciting range of officially sponsored* printed graphic products, brought to you by PrintManiax Inc. The LIFESTATIX range are being developed in conjunction with our official sponsors in order to offer customers an exhilarating fan experience. PrintManiax Inc. was established in 2013, in order to offer professional creative-print solutions to an increasingly more sophisticated customer demographic.

For further information or inquiries about our LIFESTATIX range of products, or if you're interested in discussing with our team how to create your own line of these amazing graphics, then please contact us at info@lifestatix.com  If you haven't visited and liked our Facebook page, followed us on Twitter or Instagram, then you might want to check us out!?  We're all about the fan experience - we're huge fans ourselves!  We'll be running competitions, announcing new product lines and hosting special events from time to time, as well as offering exclusive prizes to some lucky fans!  We hope to hear from you soon, even if it's just to discuss the latest sports or entertainment event!

* where indicated on specific product